Running a Validator Node on the SafeCoin network offers a unique opportunity to get involved as much as possible in the ecosystem development and adoption. Additionally, running a Validator Node will be eligible for periodic SafeCoin inflationary rewards. …

Introducing SafeChains: The most secure way to start a fair launch proof of work cryptocurrency

In this article, we’re going to provide you with a step by step process for creating your own SafeChain, a complete third-generation blockchain with advanced capabilities, the option for privacy, and endless customizations. …

SafeCoin’s second iteration of “Proof-of-SAFE” has come to a close, and the team received some great entries! This time around the prizes were even larger, which really pushed the community to deliver some fantastic use-cases for SafeCoin in the real world.

There is no hype in this contest, there is…

SafeTrade 2 Approaches to meet the needs of future financial exchange

Calgary, Canada- Today, one of Canada’s premier cryptocurrency exchanges has announced a significant upgrade to the exchange’s software and servers. Safe.Trade will be migrating to an enhanced platform on: Sunday December 1st at 2000 UTC (1500 EST).

You heard that right. With the introduction of SafeNodes, Raven miners now have two simple choices:

  1. Mine Ravencoin, earn Ravencoin.
  2. Mine Ravencoin, earn Ravencoin, and earn SafeCoin too.

Why we incentivize the strengthening of Ravencoin’s hashrate:

In the simplest and most truthful terms, we are stronger together. SafeNodes are facilitating…

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